Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards Nomination

I found out earlier in the week that I have been nominated along with 25 plus pages….that’s PAGES….of other education-like blogs for a Bloggers Choice Award. Thanks to MBOH over at Secondhand Thoughts.

So far the top vote getter for education has a hundred or so votes….I have eight. Just thought I’d alert any readers out there that you can make your voice known by heading over to vote.

I started out on page 22, but because of kind readers I have moved up to page 4, however I'm still 120 votes behind the leader. I guess you move up as you receive more votes. So……..are you going to let me languish at the back of the pack, or are you going to send a vote my way?

This link carries you directly to the page to vote for me. Hopefully I’ll have to come back in and change the link often as I move up in the ranks. You do have to set up a profile to vote but it doesn't take that long and there is no cost involved.

Make sure you visit Secondhand Thoughts too because he’s up for an award for Best Blog About Stuff.


Anonymous said...

You've got my vote! You are now on page 8.

ellie bee said...

you got my vote!

EHT said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. C'mon page 1!

I guess I should have added to my 8 Things About Me is that I can be obsessive about small stuff like "all things bloggy" and in certain things I like to compete.

Mister Teacher said...

Hey there,EHT!
I just voted for you! If you enjoy MY blog, maybe you could see fit to vote for me as well. Right now, I'm on page 6... :)

EHT said...

Hey Mister Teacher! I guess that's only fair. You vote for me so I vote for you. I'll head on over, however, please don't think this is what I tagged you for.

If I tagged you for something please scroll down and check out my post "More Memeness: The Clean Up".


Dennis Fermoyle said...

EHT, I'm trying to vote for you, but I guess I've got to wait for my confirmation. It looks like you're moving up in the world; you were all the way up to page 6. By the way, I've posted my eight facts. As I say on the post, I would only do this for you!

kuanyin333 said...

I voted for you! Happy WW!

EHT said...

Thank you Dennis. Thank you kuanyin. I've moved up to page 4. YAY!

ms. whatsit said...

Congratulations! You certainly deserve the recognition. I admire how you can consistantly crank out high-quality posts.

I find the list of nominees for the award to be very interesting. While there are many new-to-me teacher blogs definitely worth looking into, there also seem to be a few that leave me scratching my head as I wonder how they qualify as "education" blogs.

EHT said...

I concur, Ms. Whatsit. At the top of the education category it stated the qualifications and that many would need to go under "Blogs About Stuff". I'm not sure why the organizers have not corrected it. I guess enough people haven't complained yet. :)

While the recognition is great, because I do spend a large amount of time updating this blog....this vote getting thing is simply good fun. I really don't think one education blog is better than another. We all do our thing in our own way.

Like you I enjoy these types of things mainly because I discover new blogs I wasn't aware of.

Thanks for the kind words.