Monday, January 19, 2009

King Day: 2009

Today is the official recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth.

The following three posts appeared here previously and center upon Dr. King:

Get Off the Beaten Path: MLK's India Connection

MLK: It Should Be About How He Lived

Let Them Read a Book

These three post focus on Civil Rights:

Now Is the Time for Your Tears

13 Things About the Zoot Suit Riots

Marcus Garvey and the UNIA


The Tour Marm said...

As part of an inauguration program, I spent part of MLK day with an adult group (approximatly 3/4 were African American from all over the US)at Arlington National Cemetery.

I made a special 'sidetrip' to the grave of Medgar Evers, which was decorated with lovely flowers and stones left by others who had paid their respects.

Standing at his gravesite, we could see the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol and the significance of the struggle and sacrifices were apparent to all; indeed, they were not in vain.

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King Jr. greatly influenced my thoughts and my writings. I won't forget to include some parts of his speech in my term papers.

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mark said...

No doubt This Man had a large impact on the hearts of many who met him and also those who just knew about him, hats off U live in the hearts Sir...