Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sometimes a Little Seizure Is Necessary

I have this pair of magnets on my fridge. They don’t really belong to me. I confiscated them years ago from a student. He was throwing them up in the air, and as they whizzed past each other they bumped against each other making clicking and zinging noises as they fell back towards his outstretched hands. Over and over he threw them up in the air. The young man throwing them was a very intelligent student. It was possible for him to comprehend every word I said during those few precious minutes of instructional time, BUT there were students around him that weren’t as fortunate. They were being distracted.

So was I for that matter.

I confiscated them because they were disturbing a lesson….I confiscated them because I was protecting the general welfare of my classroom. I simply grabbed them and kept on going with my lesson without missing a beat. While I continued to talk I took the few steps to the back of them to place them on my desk.

To find out what happened to those magnets and how they could even remotely relate to President Franklin Pierce, the Doughfaces, and a plan to wrest Cuba from the Spanish read the rest of my post at American Presidents Blog.

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Dan Edwards said...

You OFFER the most interesting enticements.....:-)