Monday, July 19, 2010

A Brand New ME!!!!!!

Well, it's sorta a brand new me.......the image used here is new. Hot off the drawing board from Dear Sister to me. I'm thrilled with it because a family member drew it, and together she and I own the rights to might just see it on the cover somewhere of that book I'm still working on, and some upcoming curriculum I'm going to offer up for sale as well.

How do you like the new EHT? Just one of the little changes going on here History Is Elementary.

So, is anybody still out there reading my meager offerings? Are you just getting that occasional email from Feedblitz or some other source and just deleting it?

Let me know.....I'd love to hear from you :).

.....and be patient with me. I'm trying to make the changes around here as painless as possible. There is still some tweaking to do on the right sidebar........and I hope to have a fan page up and running on Facebook this very week.


ms-teacher said...

I'm still reading ;)

Anonymous said...

I like it........

M-Dawg said...

I'm still reading your blog. Love the new look!

I tend to read the blogs more over the summer or during breaks. You know the drill. :-)

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Gaspare Armato said...

I like your new blog template.

Ciao fron Tuscany.

Teacha said...

i'm here. And I like the photo.

Mike B said...

Yes, EHT - still here and still reading and enjoying your entries. Great "new look"!

EHT said...

Thanks's good to hear from you. :)