Monday, September 01, 2008

So, Where Ya Been EHT?

I’m home.


It has been a harrowing ten days in the hospital…an unexepected stay.

Thirteen days ago from seemingly nowhere I began to have severe pain in my abdomen. Pain that came in waves reminiscent to labor pains. Being the strong, stubborn woman I am I attempted to heal myself and summed it all up to the fact that many forty-something year old women tend to do…..”Oh, it must be The Change.”


I finally had had enough on the third day and decided to visit my doctor. My insurance provider then sent me on on wonderful travel tour of Atlanta as I had to visit first one office and then another in order to have this test and then another to determine the source of my discomfort. I tell you it isn’t easy to navigate Atlanta traffic lying prone in the passenger seat of your vehicle……it makes it very hard to help Dear Hubby drive...a habit of mine that drives him batty.

Finally, with a set of ultrasound results in hand I visited my internist only to hear her say some parts of my innards were still invisible and I would have to trek to north Atlanta to have yet another test…..a CT Scan…at yet another wonderful facility my insurance company owns.

I couldn’t believe it. Another pain-filled ride through another rush hour….my second such ride that day…..I didn’t think I could endure it. It was crazy.

“Dear Doctor,” I said as I made a direction point with my finger, “there’s a fine hospital right on the next corner, and you’re telling me I have to drive an hour for a test….and then I might have to drive again to the hospital my insurance company wants me to be at?”

She confirmed. I’d had enough. I should have gone to the emergency room to begin with with, but…..I was trying----trying----trying to play the insurance game, so when payment time came there would be no problems.

Dear Hubby and I high-tailed it to the ER on the corner….Dear Doctor had called ahead, gave me my assortment of test results, and we didn’t wait long at all. Within minutes I had an ER doctor, an IV feeding me some sort of wonderful drug called Newbaine, and the CT scan was completed.

Then enter my medical savior…..a fine young man with a face any mother would love. Man, these doctors resemble teenagers these days, don't they? Where are all the old codgers of my youth? Young Doctor Man wanted to enter my body and complete a Laparoscopy to see what exactly was going on in my innards. Dear Hubby and I consented and suddenly there was a flurry of events. While the surgery nurses were trying to get together items to prep me for an unexepected Friday evening operation and asking me hundreds of questions, I was racking my brain regarding the many things that Dear Hubby needed to do.

Then I was removing my rings for Dear Hubby to keep. Reciting a quick “to-do” list…calls to our children….our parents, our pastor, friends and other family.

A rushed good-bye kiss, and then I remember nothing until I woke up in recovery.

A one hour look-see turned into a four hour major surgery.

I can only imagine what Dear Hubby went through as he sat in the waiting room. It had been too late in the evening for our parents to travel, but two couples from church along with a pastor showed up to wait with him.

For the last ten days I’ve been in a Morphine induced trance recovering from the removal of a tumor in my Colin, removal of approximately one foot of my intestines, removal of my Appendix, and the removal of an ovary…..a complete Hysterectomy now waits in the wings.

….and I get You just thought Elementaryhistoryteacher was just being a bit lazy with the blogs. :) Never......ever. They have been on my mind. My trusty laptop even visited the hospital and had been in the bed with me for the last three days.

I even get the Georgia Carnival up, but I don't know how. Morphine and blogging just don't seem to go together that well, ya know?

….and BTW…..those of you that put those doctor visits off and don’t go for your screenings as you should….please, please, please make those appointments this week. :) It's much better to ride that Insurance roller coaster going here and there when you are well instead of when you are in acute pain.

At least now I have several days in the future to devote to history loss is your gain....hmmmmmm.....maybe it's my gain as well. :)


NYC Educator said...

I'm very sorry to hear you had to go through this. I wish you the very best for the future.

ms-teacher said...

I am so glad that you are better. Here is to a speedy recovery! Great big hugs to you :)

Nick said...

Best wishes for a quick and healthy recovery from a lurker. :)

John Heneghan said...

Wow what a trooper to get that Blog Carnival up, best wishes to you & your family.

dot said...

Wow, it sounds like you have had a rough time! Hope you recover quickly.

EHT said...

Thanks everyone. It has been shocking, surprising, overwhelming, etc., but I'm on the mend and thankfully no cancer was found.

I appreciate your encouragement. :)

Teacha said...

Wishing you the best especially for a speedy recovery. And I'm glad that you feel better.

(((Hugs))) That was a light squeeze, okay. ;)

Dan Edwards said... never knows when such a system failure will occur....GET WELL QUICKLY ! Thoughts and prayers for yur speedy recovery and return to whatever is "normalcy" :-)

teachergirl said...

Thank goodness no cancer was found. Sending good wishes your way for a speedy recovery.

Matthew K. Tabor said...

Ahh, you made my day. I needed to read about some serious strength today. I'd say I hope for a quick recovery... but seriously, if you were able to pump out the GA Carnival while on morphine, you sure as hell don't need encouragement from me. :)

EHT said...

Thanks for the sentiments Polski, teachergirl, and Matthew.....

Polski, I'm telling everyone I know....get to a doctor and take some tests.

Matthew, I actually haven't headed over to check out the results of my posting the carnival last Friday...there are probably typos all through it. :)

Anonymous said...

Make sure you rest up and get your strength back before you get back to work. Removal of body parts, even those that shouldn't be there, takes more out of you than you may realize.

Best wishes for a not-too-speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

All my best wishes for healing and peace!

Mrs. Bluebird said...

Bless your heart. I missed you and I'm so glad you are on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness -- I hope you're OK now. Please rest and feel better.

Deborah Wilson said...

I'm glad that you are ok now - and I hope that you recover quickly. I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Your post caught my eye as I went through the same thing two weeks after I retired. I put off going to the doctor and just stayed in bed thinking I would feel better for over a week, and my appendix almost ruptured. Your advice for teachers not to put off regular check ups and screenings is right on target. I am so glad that you are okay and hope you have a speedy recovery.

M-Dawg said...

EHT - I'm behind in my readings so I just read what happened - wow!

Happy to hear that you are feeling better.

Best wishes for a quick recovery and keep us posted.

Hang tough! Hugs! :-)

The Tour Marm said...

As I have been traveling around, I had not kept up with any of my blog friends.

You are in my thoughts and prayers - I am confident you will recover completely.

Tour Marm