Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless: Interesting Places

Here’s a puzzle for you….this rock formation had a very important role to play in history.

Can you guess which world history event is involved?

Here’s are a few hints….Europe, West, and hat.

Guess away. I’ll be writing more about this later with a full explanation.

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kimert said...

Beautiful picture!!
I know nothing about history. My hubby is a history major and I just have no interest. LOL

EHT said...

Ah....thaat's too bad, Kimert. I try to make it fun.

Julie Ball said...

Ooh, just found your site! I am a big history nerd... I don't know about this rock, sad to say, so I'll be sure to come back for your lesson on it! :)

EHT said...

I'd be happy to have you visit again, Julie.

I'll probably post the explanation on Friday...I'd like to give others a chance to guess.

Homeschooling Granny said...

Is this the rock formation in Morocco known as Napoleon's hat? Of course the clue said Europe and West...Napoleon is of the west. ...hmmm..

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