Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In the Pink.....

When I was high school there was this girl a couple of years older than me who wore pink every chance she got. We were required to wear school uniforms, but had the choice of adding jewelry and scarves in order to feed the need to be unique and different.

I threw my identity out for others to see by using an antique men’s collar bar to pin various handkerchiefs to the lapel of my “required” navy blazer. I alternated between a handkerchief my mother had brought back from a trip to the Caribbean and one that belonged to my great grandmother I had found languishing in a drawer at my grandfather’s.

But this acquaintance of mine absolutely adored pink…..she accessorized with all things pink that she could get away with and constantly announced to anyone, much like Shelby Eatenton in the movie Steel Magnolias, that “pink was her signature color.”

Unfortunately my friend and even the character of Shelby Eatenton can’t exactly corner the market on credit regarding the signature pink line because a former First Lady has that honor.

Mamie Eisenhower.

Find out more about Mamie’s signature color and her impact on Christmas at the White House in my post at American Presidents Blog


Constantina Katsari said...

I tried to implement white as my signature colour, when I realised that I would have to spend a fortune on clothes that got dirty more often than not.

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