Wednesday, September 05, 2007

13 Various Odds and Ends I Need to Mention About this Blog and the Edublogosphere in General

Warning….this post may contain some great links that may lead to an increase or overload with your time on-line. :)

1. New to my History blogroll….Miss!...the daily fun of a second year high school social studies teacher.

2. New to the education blogroll….Confessions From the Couch

3. I’ve added to my resource blogroll. It’s a new web 2.0 site providing free flash templates to use in the classroom. You can create your own games, diagrams---fishbones and venns, etc., and more…The really great thing is you can save your work on your blog or website and open your creation again for editing.

4. I’ve also added Active History to resources. It’s a facinating site regarding teaching history in the U.K.

5. is a site from Spain and is written entirely in Spanish, however most of us these days have the ability to read sites in our own languages. I'm thinking this site would be wonderful to share with students….students who speak Spanish and are learning English.

While we want them learning and reading English we also want them to have a little "comfort"reading, don’t we? I know I would want a few English resources if I suddenly found myself in Spain or Mexico and didn’t have a clue….which I wouldn’t. :)

6. Make sure you check out Educahistoria’s Blogosphere page for other Spanish sites too.

7. Every year I begin by teaching a short study skills unit since I’ve found most students have no idea what it means to study. They also generally don’t know how to set a goal and follow the steps necessary to achieve it.

I think I’ve found something I can add to my unit box…..Follow this link to Teaching Moments: Goal Setting for Students--- where it states, “Today’s students will be tomorrow's Generation Y employees. …they will dramatically change every aspect of society over the next ten years.”

Hmmmm….that could be a scary prospect, but with a little shaping, a little guidance we might be ok in our old age. From the website you can purchase Goal Setting for Students for only $6.95. What a bargain! There are also links to sign up for a newsletter and a blog.

8. In case you missed it the last round up of blog posts dealing with education was hosted by Matthew K. Tabor's site while this week’s education carnival can be found over at the Education Wonks.

9. The History Carnival posted around the first of September. You can find it over at Greenman Tim's wonderful site.

10. Do you know about Bibliodyssey? It is clearly one of the best image sites on the web. Check the current page out as well as the archives.

11. World History Blog has been on my history blogroll from day one. Miland posts several times a week regarding various events in world history. There is something interesting over there every time I visit.

12. Topics From 192 Countries is a group blog that has many different authors. There are new postings every day that clue you in to what’s going on around the world. Scroll down the sidebar and see if your country needs an author.

13. I’m sure that many 13 readers are royalty buffs. World of Royalty is an interesting site that places royalty resources in a one-stop-shop for your convenience. There is always new information to be had.

Finally, this blog will be hosting next week’s education carnival. Education posts can be fowarded to my email located at the top of the sidebar or use this handy submission link.

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Happy T13!

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great TT!!!

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I hadn't heard of most of the items on your list. Thanks for sharing.

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Oh no! Another sleepless night of wonderful blogs! Thanks for the great links.

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Thanks for visiting everyone.....

Unknown said... if I don't spend enough time online as it is! You've succeeded in making it difficult for me to lay my head to rest - LOVE history and your linking other sites. P.S. LOVE your "avatar" - photo too!

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