Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall Break Is Around the Corner

It’s hard to believe school has been in session since the first of August. In some ways it feels like yesterday---in another way, however, I’m more than ready for Fall Break. The other night I spent some time online looking for possible destinations for my break from educational duties. I wanted to go somewhere different. Somewhere I’d never been.

Of course, my destination has to meet certain requirements. There has to be beautiful beaches, warm to hot weather, swaying palm trees, and posh condo décor. I love staying in condos. You have all the comforts of home while you are away from home. Every condo I’ve ever stayed in has been different, and I enjoy discovering all of the little decorating details. Condos make the trip more memorable because we remember each of the beautiful places we have stayed.

I believe I have found an interesting spot to travel to and wonder when Dear Hubby reads this if he’ll think the same thing. Hmmmmm………

How does Kauai, Hawaii sound? Kauai is the northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands and is only twenty minutes by air from Honolulu. The landscape appears to be absolutely paradise. While visiting Kauai you can visit the Captain Cook monument and Fort Elizabeth, the only Russian fort remaining in Hawaii. Want to see how Hawaiian sugar plantations operated? You can visit Grove Farm Homestead, the 80-acre sugar plantation once owned by Georgia N. Wilcox. At one time the plantation covered over 12,000 acres. Wilcox was a noble under the Hawaiian monarchy, a Senator under the Hawaiian Republic, and served as a Cabinet prime minister in 1892.

The most difficult detail regarding planning a trip to Hawaii might be securing the right condo considering I’m practically on the other side of the world, however, I found Hawaiian Beach Rentals. Their website appears to be a one-stop shop for meeting my housing requirements. I can pull up pictures of each condo and I can reserve mine and hubby’s spot online. If hubby decides to bring the whole family (oh no!) we can reserve a house. Better yet Hubby and I can rent a condo and rent the rest of the crew hotel rooms!

Well, I’ve got some packing and planning to do because in the next couple of weeks I’m goin’ somewhere….

Check out Hawaiian Beach Rentals for your Hawaiian destination needs today!


ms. whatsit said...

What I remember most about Kauai is -- and don't laugh -- the wild black & white chickens wandering around everywhere.

Oh, the Kanapali Coast was very nice too. ;-)

Mrs. Bluebird said...

I love Kauai - I think it might be my favorite island. Our fall break is in two weeks, but hubby can't take time off, so we're doing local stuff. But you know, that's fine with me. There's a lot to see around here that I haven't explored yet.

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