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Mari pepa said...

first of all I would like to congratulate you for your interesting Blog and the so much valuable ideas that you give.
I am a Thesis student and I am writitng about the role of culture in second language acquisition. And one part of my writing is based on History. I have read about your publications on the importance of History and I find them really useful to support my argument that history is really important in the curriculum. May I cite some of your ideas? What is your name? I have looked for your identity but it does not appear any name. Thank you very much.
Kind regards

María José Olea, Chile.

EHT said...

:)You can site me as ElementaryHistoryTeacher. It's common to use a blogname within a citation such as APA format. Thanks for asking.

Cristian Smith said...


I'm Cristian, the editor at

I have a question/proposal for you. It would be great if you could drop me a note at Then I can tell you more and you can see if you're interested!

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your article on the Mussel Slough Tragedy but you have a wrong date. It happened in 1880 not 1888.

Unknown said...

Nice blog. Would you be interested in swapping links?
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Unknown said...

I am a subscriber to your site and am currently a Medieval Times history teacher and I've also taught ancient history. I write about the past using today's events as a springboard. I am trying to generate followers. Do you think you can help me? My link is Thank you. Janice