Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday 19

What did this man do?

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Anonymous said...

What did he do? I don't even know who he is. ;)

elementary historyteacher said...

I can't wait to find out who this guy is. I like the light in this painting. It's almost like there was a spotlight about his head.

Aren't we glad men don't wear their hair like this anymore-----

An Ordinary Mom said...

He did something that helped shape the course of our country.

I figure if I keep it vague enough, I will be right :)!!

Dainon. said...

Well, considering the wig, I'd say he paved the way for the drag queens of today. I can't be that far off the mark, right?

The Tour Marm said...

Now listen here!

I've been having my own little battle with the AOC concerning one of their paintings and now I'm having some difficulty with this one! This portrait is listed on the internet from two views (right AND left) and they don't have the original; this is a copy. It is a 'thorn' in my side!

He was also discussed in a previous post concerning a White House Christmas card.

I do pay attention!

Patois42 said...

I give up.

Anonymous said...

I should know this one, but I don't. The shame. :(

ICJ said...

Is it Jefferson, 3rd President of the US, and principal author of the Declaration of Independence?

Instructive WW here... ;-D

Denise Patrick said...

He looks familiar, but my mind has gone blank.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I do not know, either...not surprising though.

Can't wait to find out!

Happy WW!

EHT said...

Well, I can tell you that it's not Jefferson and I have NEVER mentioned his name in a post. Tour Marm, you are thinking about James Hoban perhaps when I wrote about the missing Wyeth print. This painting is not James Hoban.

Thanks for all of the comments and guesses. Stay tuned.

Pfingston said...

He reminds me of King George of Germany? durring Mozarts time. But his clothing sure don't look like he was a king. Sharp features though . . . George Washington's son? Patric Steward's great great grandfather.

The Tour Marm said...

You're right, I've been pulling some all-nighters. The initials of this gentleman are WT. I knew that.

My usual 'lectures' include both Hoban and your man as they concern the city I live near. (My reference to the AOC should have given the clue.)

Obviously, I don't want to give more away. But this portrait can be found facing both directions online and is a copy from the 1930's.

if I can get a prize as big as the one he got, I'd be happy.