Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Special Soldiers

Two of my adopted sons are in currently serving their country in the Army. My husband and I couldn’t be more proud. These two young men aren’t my blood children but spent an enormous amount of time in our home, along with their sister, from the time they were in middle school and on into high school. Adam and Seth are great, great friends of my son. Adam and his siblings are very special to my husband and I, and they know our door is always open to them.

Adam went into the service first and his younger brother, Seth, followed a couple of years later. Seth is currently stationed stateside but will be heading to Iraq about the time his brother will be coming home. He recently came home for a long weekend and it was great to see him. He stayed with us all weekend and he and my son picked up right where they left off. Going, going, going, out late, seeing friends, on the computer, and eating, eating, eating. Hopefully he will come home again before going “over there.”

When Adam originally found out he was going to Iraq he asked his lady love, Jess, who is also in the service, to marry him. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the wedding but they sent the pictures. They got married in Florida on the beach. It was lovely. They have been very fortunate as a young married couple that they have been together during their tour of duty in Iraq. What an interesting way to begin a marriage!

We recently received an email from Adam and Jess with pictures of their reenlistment and I want to share them with you.

This is Adam and Jess taking their oath of service.

Still Saying the Oath


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That’s so sweet. Notice the flag folding going on the background. We recently presented a program at PTO and one group of our fourth graders demonstrated how to fold a flag properly. I wonder who does it better?

Notice the background. Adam and Jess are standing on the balcony of one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Cool, huh?

These next two are taken from the same balcony. Apparently the buildings around the water’s edge is where Saddam’s top assistants would live.

Balcony View 3

Balcony View 4

Here’s a few of the palace itself.


Main Chandelier 2

Marble Bathrooms

Look at this bathroom. Notice what they are using the “foot washer” for. Crazy Americans!

Marble Toilets Again

Isn’t that just hilarious. Easy access to the tp, huh?

Well, my hat is off to Adam and Jess and their decision to reenlist. I will continue to pray for them both and for Seth too. If you don’t already have a soldier to pray for feel free to adopt my special sons and daughter-in-law.


Janet said...

What a nice story! You hear so much negativity and fear stemming from the war, but a heartwarming love story is a nice change of pace.:)

Anonymous said...

You are right to be proud, and anyone who reads this post will be thinking about your special sons and daughter-in-law. I think one thing that has been learned after the Vietnam War (although not by everyone; there are always going to be some idiots) is that whether or not you support the action our nation takes, the soldiers deserve our support and our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Nice liberated toilets.

Anyways, you should be proud of those kids!