Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Human Kind Revisited

Thank you to everyone who posted after my first acknowledgment found here. I really appreciate it.

NYC Educator at NYC Educator apologized for being late with his sentiments. Dear, we may be from opposite ends of the east coast, but showing concern for someone is what matters….not the timing. Thanks. Ditto to Janet at the The Art of Getting By. I agree, life is what happens when you are making other plans.

Chance over at The Sapient Sutler left me some very appropriate lyrics from Bob Dylan. Thanks!

Dennis over at From the Trenches of Public Ed. gave me a link and expressed concern. He also confided he is facing his own parent’s journey with Alzheimers. My step-grandmother had it, and currently I have an uncle who is living with it. I’m sorry…..

Ms. Cornelius over at A Shrewdness of Apes must be an absolute God-send at her school if she exhibits one-eighth the amount of caring she shows any of us when we have an emotional upheaval. She has been more than supportive by posting about my situation and even calling me a Steel Magnolia. I don’t know about that, but I appreciate it.

Kontan from Kontan's Place, is someone I can always count on for support when I need it most. Thanks!

Bellezza from Never Cease to Learn, a new visitor, felt compelled to comment regarding my comments concerning Mom’s Bible. Welcome, Beleeza! I can’t wait to visit you, and thanks for your comments.

And finally… and apology of sorts. I want to say thank you to the person who nominated my post “July 4, 1776, An Imagi-Holiday” to the History Carnival sometime during the week of July 17th. I also want to apologize to the many, many folks who dropped by to read the post and instead were subjected to an arrogant attempt by a reader to put me in my place. My response to the person, someone who had never commented here before, explains the situation far better than I can here. You can see the post and comments here. I was unaware that the post was in the carnival and the tone of the comments just really set me off considering what I had gone through that day. In defense of the person who commented it is very possible that he linked to me through the carnival and would not have been aware of my situation. At any rate……I welcome comments, even comments that call me a terrible teacher and call me pathetic, but I do reserve the right to respond or not. :)


Dennis Fermoyle said...

I'm glad you did this, because I missed your original July 4th post. I wish I'd have caught it then, because I was right in the middle of reading American Sphinx (Thomas Jefferson biography). The author of that book said that at the time, nobody thought the Declaration of Independence itself was that big a deal. They were all fired up about writing their state constitutions. In any case, I think any time you can hit people with something like your info on July 4th, it helps to make them more interested in history. And heaven knows we need all of that we can get. As far as that comment goes: Yikes! That guy must have been having one heck of a bad day, or he must have been doing some heavy sailing with Captain Morgan.

The post was wonderful, EHT. Take it from a hockey coach; even when you do a great job, there will always be some idiot out there who wants to pound his chest and say that you've done it all wrong so that he can pretend that he's the expert.

EHT said...

Thanks. I was just absolutely amazed at the nastiness of the comment. Many of my fellow historians out there have felt a need to correct something I've posted or been motivated enough to add additional details I may have left out due to length, but the additions have always been done in such a friendly way. This person condemned me as a poor teacher simply based on one post.