Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Very Important Day

Happy birthday to my most wonderful friend in life, my husband.

Words are not enough to appropriately compliment this man in order to explain what he means to me. I’m grateful he continues to put up with me because I am very difficult to live with….he has learned to cope very well with the drama that our life can be sometimes.

In an episode of Friends, the cast is discussing soul mates or that one perfect person that is meant for you. Phoebe begins to tell her friends about lobsters. It seems that lobsters find their perfect mate and stay with them for life. Well, quite simply, Mr. Elementaryhistoryteacher is my lobster, claws and all.

My lobster shares many things with me including a love of history, and he likes to remember two significant historical events that took place on his important day.

Today is the anniversary of the Hamilton-Burr duel which resulted in Hamiltons’ physical death and Burr’s political death. The election of 1800 was significant in the deteriorating relationship between Hamilton and Burr. Due to the large amount of political commericals on my television these days…..Georgia is having their primary soon….I was inspired to write about the presidential election of 1800 over at American Presidents Blog. You can read my post here.

Today is also the birthday of John Quincy Adams. I’ve posted about him before as well, here.

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