Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Those Ironic Presidents!

When I’m not teaching history I have the distinct honor of teaching my young charges the joys of the English language. Irony is one of those literary elements that can give students a difficult time, so I try to give students as much practice as possible. I generally use certain tradebooks with small groups and ask students to look for examples of irony as they read through the text. I like to use factoid type books where students will remain interested in the text and the ironic examples are not explicitly written for students. They have to be inferred. In this way we are practicing with inference and irony. One book I like to use is Don't Know Much About The Presidents

Follow me over to American Presidents Blog where I clue you into to a few presidential ironies that can be inferred through the text of the Kenneth C. Davis wonderul book.

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Anonymous said...

Those are reallt cool facts! Thank you for sharing.