Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday 13 Version 10: Reasons to Visit the Education Carnival

Lately I’ve developed a pattern here at History Is Elementary where I post a Wordless Wednesday image and then the next day rolls around for my Thursday Thirteen. Sandwiched somewhere in the middle is an announcement regarding the Education Carnival. Many of you who visit in the middle of the week click through for a few seconds and then leave. My goal is to teach you a little something or sometimes entertain you before you rush off to yet another picture or list. Today I want to give you a reason to click through to the latest education carnival to see what it’s all about.

1. If you don’t have a child in school I’m sure you know at least one child. That is one of the most important reasons I know for you to educate yourself on the issues.

2. As citizens of this great county we all have an interest in the failures, triumphs, and future of education.

3. You might really find a cool website about a topic you like such as math, science, or language arts. You might locate some of the wonderful sites regarding educational research, technology, or education issues.

4. There are many fantastic educators that are regular participants in the carnival and they don’t always post about lesson plans. When not participating in the carnival they post about personal issues, movies, political issues, and many other interesting things.

5. Educate yourself on new trends, new strategies, and new issues that are at the forefront of education today….some that could make or break the future of education.

6. Find out what really goes on in classrooms across the nation. It isn’t what YOU remember….

7. Understand that we have terrific forum for discussion here that provides opportunities for ALL stakeholders in education to particpate in fluid conversations about what we can do to improve education.

8. Education has become a political football. Don’t let a politician win your vote simply because you aren’t up on all sides of an educational issue. A simple click through can give you a new perspective.

9. Speaking of perspectives you’ll discover that educators don’t always stick together. We differ on many issues, but we debate in a somewhat respectful manner.

10. Recently Jay Matthews, a columnist at the Washington Post, stated in a column that educators have a terrific venue to "advance taxpayer's understanding of educational issues". I couldn't agree more.

11. You’ll find a warm, supportive group of people.

12. You might actually pick up on something that could help your child in a particular subject.

13. You’ll discover that some educators don’t attempt to make everything seem wonderful. They tell it like is…..warts and all including a rant here and there.

You find the newest edition of the education carnival here. Choose a topic that interests you and get involved in the conversation!

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Tink said...

You convinced me! I've taken a quick look and are definitely going back to read the rest. Thanks for sharing!
My TT is about words to describe me.

Anonymous said...

For #3, I'm in. ;) #11 too. Can't have enough of the supportive friendly groups.

Anonymous said...

Being a newbie to blogging, I often see others reference the Education Carnival, but have not yet had the opportunity to visit. Based on your informative meme, I will!

BTW: I really liked your post re: MLK. I, too, share the same thoughts re: the video, "My Friend Martin".

Caylynn said...

Those sounds like good reasons, although many of them don't apply to me. I don't have children, my niece and nephews are not in school yet, and I'm Canadian, so our education system is different from that in the U.S. But I do love learning, so I'll check it out.

Happy T13. :)

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Great list of cogent reasons for "carnivaling." Thank you!

Leah said...

whew, that's alot of information....

Ms. George said...

What a wonderful list! I have always checked out the carnival, now I just need to leave a trail that I have been there. I know how much comments mean to me.

TopChamp said...

Ok - I'll have a good look! Happy TT

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!