Sunday, June 01, 2008

As Seen on My Computer Screen This Weekend

Over the weekend I took a twirl around the history and education blogosphere and found some mighty interesting things.

The most current edition of the history carnival can be found over at Progressive Historians while Mrs. Bluebird over at Bluebird's Classroom is expertly hosting the education carnival. Both are presented in very creative formats.

….and speaking of the whole history blogosphere thing anyway…..per Ralph Luker over at Cleopatria the history sector of the blogging world is growing by leaps and bounds. Head on over to the Cleopatria blogroll and find out which topics are being served at the feast.

It would seem that during my recent trip to Washington D.C. the Tour Marm and I were probably a mere several hundred feet from each other and did not realize it. She has posted images from her Memorial Day tour of Arlington National Cemetery with a group of students…..lots of great pictures.

My son will begin the final year of his quest for a history degree this fall. We are already beginning to question him regarding his options to put his degree to work for him. If he’s not going to teach then……I found Dr. History’s post I'd like to exchange my liberal arts degree for something useful interesting. Did you know that several of the top CEOs in our country hold history degrees?


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EHT said...

I hate spam ads as comments.....Heavy sigh.

Keri said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought this post and the link was interesting. I've often wondered what it would have been like to have received some real-world "job training" while earning my BA in Communication. I think the real world experience was in learning to bust my can and read an impossible amount of materials and produce terribly long and trivial papers and answer questions in detail and be way too verbose.


So, what have I done with my BA in Communication?
1. bank teller
2. insurance claims adjuster
3. wholesale sales manager for ornamental concrete manufacturer
4. assistant to corporate president at hosiery manufacturer
6. business manager for waste oil furnace distributor
7. business manager for window/door sales/distributor*
8. IT admin for window/door sales/distributor*

*my husband and I own this company, so I do what is needed, even now that I'm SAHM again.

I wonder what I will do next...