Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Search for Bread and a Few Carnivals Thrown in For Good Measure

No matter what is going on in my household each particular week two items always make the top ten list for the grocery store – milk and bread. Bread has been one of my focus topics lately for research.

I’ve been on another one of my wild goose chases for the last several weeks, but unfortunately the golden loaf of bread I’ve been searching for has eluded me for now. No, I’m not searching for sourdough, wheat or rye….my golden loaf involves a little fact I ran across regarding President Franklin Pierce.

See where my search took me in my latest posting at American Presidents Blog.


some of the web’s best blog carnivals have posted in recent days…..you can find the Education Carnival from last week over at Bellringers, the Home School Carnival at The Common Room, the Carnival of Family Life at The Expanding Life and the Book Review Carnival at Literary Menagerie.


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