Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wordless: TWO

What is this?

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amandab said...

I would guess an older school teacher's desk. I find it odd that we always have teachers at the front of a room, but when we have visited historical villages that teachers always had their desks at the back.

Happy WW!

Dustin Brace said...

You can't exactly buy a desk like that at Ikea. It is beautiful.

EHT said...

Nope, Ikea doesn't handle this one, and it's not a teacher's desk.

My desk has always been in the back....even though I'm not at it much during the day.

EHT said...

A post regarding this wordless entry will be up tomorrow, 9/15 :)

EHT said...

You can find the explanation for this mystery at the following link: