Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dragging Things Out

I guess we are the only family in the United States actually smoking a turkey today. You’d think we’re tired of turkey after Thanksgiving, but Hubby Dear received a dandy bird from a client and well…..we have to eat, you know. We usually drag holidays out as long as we can.

Sometimes dragging something out is great and other times well….sometimes things can go on too long. Cinderella over at World of Royalty linked to two newspaper stories regarding the American Mohegan tribe and a request to meet with monarch of Britan dating back to the 1730s. Read the whole story story here and here.

This is most interesting. Everytime I visit Cinderella I find something wonderful.


Amerloc said...

Wet smoke or dry? If wet, what (if anything) do you add to the water tray besides water? What kind of wood?

If you stuff the bird with fruit, do you try to match the fruit to the wood? Or vice versa? Or do you not stuff it at all?

Do you use a rub?

Please feel free to ignore any and/or all of these questions. They were mostly tongue-in-cheek anyway, as we have a traditional method already established (buffet at restaurant closest to wherever we're mooching).

Jennie W said...

Fried turkey is definitely yummy! I love dragging out the holidays as well! But I do have to admit my Christmas decorations are up now. But I do firmly refuse to decorate or shop for Christmas before Thanksgiving - don't destroy one for the commerical benefits of the other! All those stores that decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween drive me bonkers!