Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Carnivals Involving History....I'm In Heaven

The midway over at the 44th History Carnival looks very full. I can't wait to dive in. It can be found here hosted by David Tiley at Barista.

Are you into ancient and medieval history? Check out Carnivalesque hosted by Even in a Little Thing here.

I've been doing some research into ancient African history and find it very interesting. The average person is aware of particular histories such as American, British, European, World.......but African history can be a mystery to some. I believe part of the problem stems from the fact that much of the history was oral and once imperialism reared its ugly head much of African history was lost or rewritten.

There's a whole other blog post in this ramblin' any rate, go visit these carnivals.

You can never have enough history!

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