Thursday, November 02, 2006

Only in Georgia

I find this really interesting.

Have you ever seen an ex-Democratic governor star in a political ad for a Republican governor? Watch this and be amazed.

I love Georgia politics!


Anonymous said...

I love this ad! Georgia politics is funny!

Love your site too! I'm a Georgia girl forced to live in the suburbs in NE Virginia due to hubby's job. It's a cruel world. I do miss Georgia so!

Anonymous said...

Love your site! Yes, Georgia politics is funny! I love this ad, however, my mother would say old Zell is a traitor. hee, hee.

I'm a Georgia girl born and bred, but I'm forced to live in NE Virginia due to hubby's job. I do miss Georgia so!

EHT said...

Thanks for commenting Anon. I lived in Virginia for a time so I know how it is to be away from home. There is no place like our beautiful state. I guess that's why I keep seeing so many out of state tags in the Atlanta area. People are moving here in droves.

Yes, I understand why your mom would call Zell a traitor. Many Georgians from the Depression era are known as Roosevelt Democrats due to the much needed assistance FDR gave our state during his presidency. The funny thing is most of the Roosevelt Dems are actually more independent or conservative. At least that's what I see in my own family.