Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Week 3...Things I Remember

Thirteen Things I Remember.....Do you remember them as well?

1. The arches at McDonalds used to be part of the building style. They went through the building.
2. Scooby Doo without Scrappy Doo and guest stars such as Sonny and Cher
3. Record players and pieces of furnture that were referred to as “the Hi-Fi”
4. Televisions that were encased in huge cabinets.
5. Women wearing aprons
6. Little girls wearing crinolines…slips with layer upon layer of tulle that scratched your “hiney” when you sat down not to mention the panties with 50 layers of ruffles, the “big girl” tights that never stayed up, frilly, frilly white ankle socks AND shiny black patent maryjanes
7. Krystal (Whitecastle) burgers costing 17 cents a piece and the d├ęcor was shiny silver ala 1950’s diner…..the lettering on their cups and bags was in black with a splash of purple (it’s strange what you can remember…)
8. the Sears store on Gordon Road in SW Atlanta near the Dunkin Doughnuts had a large Winnie-the-Pooh display in the children’s department. It included a large tree. I always wanted to climb up the tree and visit with “Pooh” and Christopher Robin
9. when lunches at school were ONE choice only. You ate what you were given or starved….Most ate and amazingly no rights were violated at all
10. a time before middle schools. I went to school through seventh grade in the same building before switching over to the high school.
11. I remember Blue Laws…..everything including grocery stores closed on Sunday.
12. when teachers were RESPECTED and had AUTHORITY
13. when the once-a-year test was given over three consecutive days instead of interrupting instructional time for 14


Gattina said...

I remember petticoats, stupid teachers sitting on their thrown, and our stores are still closed on sundays !

Anonymous said...

I remember them all except the petticoats and the Krystals reference. We don't have Krystals here but I have been to one on visits to the US.

Valtool said...

I am not that old, but I remember a lot of this. I'm with you through number 7, but we moved to Atlanta in '82 and I'd never seen a White Castle or Krystal til then, and I don't think I ever had a Krystal until the 90's.

I don't remember Sears on Gordon Road, but I remember the one on Ponce DeLeon Ave on the way in from Decatur.

For #9 we had two choices especially the pizza or fish on Friday for the Catholics.

I was part of #10 and the last graduating class from Redan HS in Dekalb County to spend 8-12 in the same building. The class behind mine spent the second half of the '85-'86 year as the first 9th graders at Miller Grove Middle School.

Scribbit said...

The McDonalds sign--yea, and Donny and Marie as well as Sonny and Cher.

Le laquet said...

When I was a child the county next to us was dry on a Sunday. After church all the men would cross the bridge (the river was the county border) to our village for a pint in the pub before they went home for Sunday lunch. Sometimes a long line of them.

Hen Jen said...

interesting list. I remember #12, I am shocked at what teachers have to put up with now. I guess lunch has changed alot since I was in school, too.

happy TT, mine is up, come visit!
Jenny in Ca

Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom said...

#12...aren't they? Don't they?


Anonymous said...

I remember recordplayers :) I have my grandmother's I think.
Your TT reminds me of my mother when she tells me of her childhood. :)

Anonymous said...

Love # 12!!

I remember alot of these, guess I am getting old! Also think we could go back to several of them. Might make like better!

Happy TT
Thanks for visiting and sharing the "end of year" packet!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I remember Scooby, respecting teachers (you clearly need me and my family in your class), blue laws, TVs in cabinets, and some of the others, too. Not too many -- but I've seen pictures of those old-style McDonald's!

In other words, great list.

Happy TT!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I remember everything on your list except 7, 8 and 13. But what the heck, you and I come from different parts of the country!


Chaotic Mom said...

I reMEMber! I especially miss respect for teachers. Can't believe how things have changed in that department!

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

my parents had one of these for years!

Pooch said...

Just gotta tell ya---love the drawing for your ID profile!! Very cute! Many of the items on your list brought back memories. Number 13 really strikes a chord! Can we say "Too much testing!"?


Pooch said...

Just gotta tell ya---love the drawing for your ID profile!! Very cute! Many of the items on your list brought back memories. Number 13 really strikes a chord! Can we say "Too much testing!"?


Anonymous said...

Remember green stamps? When I was little I remember watching my grandmother putting them in the books- and then we'd go to the cool store. . .

EHT said...

Gettina, believe me....I don't sit on a "thrown".

Unfortunately Nadiah Aliw, the answers to your questions are no and not all the time.

Gee Nathalie, I looked at your profile.....I could be your mom so that makes sense.

CTG, we may be from different parts of the county but alike in many ways.

EHT said...

Susan, count yourself and your family as official members of my class!

ren.kat, I used to help my mom and sister place all of those stamps in the books. We were able to get a bonnet hairdryer one time, remember those? like my avatar and I like your screen name. Guess we are even and yes, #13 really strikes a chord with me as well.

Thanks for visiting she, le lacquet, jennifer, chaotic mom, and ali!

Good old Redan High...well Michael-Lover of Amy I'm a graduate of Woodward Academy myself.

Scribbit----How could I forget about Donny and Marie!

Duchess, I'm all for going back in time with some of the items on my list, however, I'm done with ruffles on my underwear.

Thanks one and all to everyone who has visited so far. Come back frequently and comment often!

teachergirl said...

Great list. Mine is so depressing. Just where I am this week. Happy Thursday!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember my parents hi-fi and my grandparents TV that was a huge block of wood!

I also went to elemtary school through grade 8 in a little itty bitty town school and eating whatever was served for lunch, no exceptions!

Anonymous said...

As to missing number 5, I have some of both of my grandmother's aprons, and the flour sacks they used for quilting.
I did not have to wear the slip with the crinoline, but I did have to wear slips with just about everything that did not have legs. It is very hard to find a slip for my eleven year old daughter, since some things still need one in my old-fashioned-about-this opinion.

EHT said...

Hi Teachergirl and Ms. Q!

I agree Ms. George. Slips are hard to come by. I just want to know when it became ok to wear them on the outside of our clothing. Practically everything for Dear Daughter is a slip. Luckily she's not into wearing those things.

Anonymous said...

Neat list! :) I guess where I went to school (in Manitoba and then in Ontario) things were different than most places in the US, since we didn't have school lunches. You either brought your lunch from home, or went home for lunch. I remember being surprised to learn that some schools in the US served lunch - it seemed like such a foreign concept to me!

I do remember when teachers were respected and had authority, but I can't relate to most of your other points. We've never had middle schools, but attended elementary school (K-6), junior high (7&8) and high school (9-13 - yes, we went to grade 13 when I was in high school).

Have a good day. :)

Caylynn & Dragonheart

Anonymous said...

Not only do I remember not having a choice what you ate in the cafeteria, but I remember not having a choice who you sat with.

I remember when going to a fast food place was a treat, not a daily affair.

I remember when you dressed up to go to Church, the Theater, and the airport.

I remember when Saturday morning cartoons started with Bugs Bunny at 6:30am and ended when the Soul Train train came on the tv. at 11am.

I remember playing with every kind in my neighborhood all Summer long, riding bikes through sprinklers, pretending the swings were racecars, and the jungle gym was a time machine. I never see kids out playing en masse anymore unless they're looking for trouble.

EHT said...

n.mallory, did you live in my neighborhood? You are spot on!

caylynn-----grade 13? All I can say is wow! My mom used to tell me about her last year in high school. She was in the 11th grade and was all set to graduate when the 12th grade was added. She elected to get married and didn't get her hs diploma until I was a baby.

HappyChyck said...

I remember almost all of those things. Wow, the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Soul Train came on here in western NC at 1:00 on Sat. in the early 1970s. And when I left to go to school at NCCU it came on at 12:00 noon on Saturdays. And I do remember "What"s Happning" and the first version "Battlestar Galaticia".

Anonymous said...

I remember many of these things, including 1,4, 9, 11 and 12.