Friday, June 29, 2007

Does Your President Have the Highest Approval Rating?

Is it Truman? Reagan? Kennedy? or Clinton?

My latest offering over at American Presidents Blog takes a look at a Wall Street Journal graphic offering regarding presidential approval ratings and how the graphics could be used in the classroom.

Come see how your guy stacks up!

Many thanks to the Wall Street Journal for activating my “how can I use this in the classroom” brain and many thanks to my fellow Georgian, Pastor Bill over at Provocative Church for providing the clue that this article existed.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked the stories of Truman. He is highly underrated.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely great, thanks for the resources!

EHT said...

Truman had a very hard decision to make. I would venture to say it was one of the most difficult decisions a president has had to make. Hmmmmmmm.....maybe that would make an interesting post. :)