Thursday, May 22, 2008

13 Things I Can Do Today as I Travel

Today is travel day as we head north to Washington D.C./Annapolis. In my never ending quest to be supermom and superteacher, I multi-task as much as possible. I always try to do more than one thing…..get the laundry going while I load the dishwasher and make beds or grade papers while I run the copier outside my door preparing handouts for the next day’s lessons.

It is the very rare occaision where I just sit and do nothing, so a car ride of several hours is a very daunting process. Here are 13 things I’ve thought about doing while we travel in random order:

1. go over my summer goals…..what do I want to accomplish by July 31st?

2. brainstorm weak areas in my American History units and come up with solutions.

3. conversate with Dear Hubby and Dear Daughter

4. look at the world passing me by….try not to miss the huge peach in Gaffney, South Carolina. For those not in the know if it didn’t have a huge leaf attached to it I swear you would think it’s a huge rear end.

5. listen to music…..not the radio…CDs all the way

6. read aloud our revised church bylaws to Dear Hubby and discuss…..we need to be "in the know"

7. help Dear Hubby prepare a meeting agenda

8. notice all the interesting names of places along the way and bore Dear Daughter with the history of each area we pass through just to frustrate her. :) Her ninth great-grandfather fought during the American Revolution at Kings Mountain and Cowpens so that's a story good for at least an hour of travel time.....

9. stay alert and help Dear Hubby with his driving….he might not see that car with its brakes on, you know?

10. sleep…..but then I couldn’t help Dear Hubby drive and I’m simply compelled to do that.

11. Listen to Dear Daughter giggle as she uses Dear Hubby’s lap top to check her email, etc. as we go down the road and receive text messages on her phone. Isn’t technology wonderful?

12. Discuss all of the “must sees” in Washington D.C. we want to get to considering we have one day there.

13. Get on the rode NOW per Dear Hubby as he does not want to hit D.C. during afternoon rush hour. Oops! Gotta go.

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Happy Thursday!
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Irishcoda said...

Those are all great things to do while on a road trip, the only thing I'd add is stop and take pictures along the way. Have a great time and a safe trip! :D

The Rock Chick said...

I spend a lot of time in my van shuffling my kids everywhere, but I tell you, as much as I despise driving, it can be one of my favorite times of the day.

It easier to have conversations with the kids when they're locked in the car with you LOL

Enjoy Washington DC. It's one of my favorite places. Seeing all of that history in person always gives me goosebumps!

Happy TT

EHT said...

Well, some of the things on my list did gone done on our trip into D.C.....some did not. :)

Once we arrive last night it was all about the gawking at this monument and that.

Anonymous said...

Conversate -- the best part of any trip. I love having the long stretches of time to do the kinds of things you've listed.