Monday, May 19, 2008

The Best of Blogs or the Post Where I Ask You to Go Vote for Me

This is a sticky post that will remain here at the top for a few days. Scroll down for my newest postings if you've already seen this.

Imagine my surprise and glee when I noticed that The Best of Blogs (vote using the link below in green) had named History Is Elementary as one of their nominated best blogs in the category of Education and Homeschooling.

I don’t say it much, but I do appreciate each and every visit, each and every email subscription, each and every link through Bloglines, etc., each and every comment, and of course……each and every lurker.Check out the other nine nominees as well. I’m honored to be in their company and consider all of them to be great blog buddies. :)

Apparently you can vote via a PollMonkey widget at a separate post that was created after the link I give above. You are allowed to vote once per day between now and May 26th from what I could gather at the site. Once you use the PollMonkey widget it deactivates it for your computer and shows you a tally of votes until 24 hours passes. Then you can vote again. Here’s the link:

Click here to vote for History Is Elementary for best education blog.


Hercules Mulligan said...

You've got my vote! :)

Cotter Pen said...

As a big fan of History is Elementary, my vote was easy and enthusiastic. Sometimes I can not help but indulge in history myself. Your "Thirteen Things" is always a favorite. I do not know if this is something you made up yourself or comes from a normal school toolkit. Nonetheless, I think it is a great focus, and I am regularly tempted to steal the idea.

Terrell said...


Mister Teacher said...

Wow, your call to arms was really effective, as you now have about a bajizillion votes!
I just have one question -- How exactly are you posting in the future? This post was dated May 20, 2008!!

EHT said...

Thanks for your support everyone.

Hey Mister Teacher. Not only do I teach history I can time travel. You didn't know that? Just kidding....When you post there is a post options line down at the bottom of the posting form. Click on it and a box opens that has a date option. If you put in a future date the post will be will hang out at the top until that date passes. :)

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