Sunday, May 25, 2008

Observing Memorial Day

If I had to name one place where you should visit over a long Memorial Day weekend I can think of no better place than Arlington National Cemetery, our nation’s premire memorial cemetery, honoring those who have served in our armed forces.

My husband, daughter, and I visited Arlington for several hours on Friday. If you aren’t a proud American as you walk the grounds, exit the gates, and cross Memorial bridge back over the Potomac towards the Lincoln Memorial then you and I… sadly…. don’t have anything in common.

Today (Sunday) we are still attempting to recover from our visit as I do believe we traversed most of the 600 plus acres Arlington encompasses. I’ve never walked so many steps or climbed so many hills in my entire life, but it was so very worth it.

The images I took during our visit and the three views I've posted above best help me remember why Memorial Day is observed. I’ll post more later….


The Tour Marm said...

We were merely one mile away from one another while you were traversing Arlington! (I was at the Vietnam Verterans' Memorial for a good part of that afternoon.)

I shall be posting a number of photos from my 89 hour Arlington Visit which included the Presidential Wreath-laying Ceremony to the Women in Service to America Memorial Ceremony.

Naturally, I paid respects to my grandfather as well as to the Confederate section.

This was my most satisfying Memorial Day Weekend - and I also had great bbq in Thunder Alley!

The Tour Marm said...

I meant eight hours - not eighty-nine!