Sunday, April 02, 2006

History Carnival #28

The History Carnival is being hosted at Patahistory. There are several great items here for everyone to satisfy their love of history and the shear thrill of locating a site you didn’t know existed.

Ms. Cornelius of Shrewdness of Apes fame is debuting, I believe, with her passionate post titled “What Does It Mean If NCLB Wants to Leave History Behind?" It is my opinion that history teachers are getting stepped on here and we need to make our opinions known. Our discipline is extremely important for teaching children and adults not only our human story but how we all fit into it, and how we can change the story for the better. Anyone who thinks we don’t teach reading in our classes hasn’t been in class for quite some time.

Thanks to Michael over at American Presidents I have been included in this posting of the carnival too. I was surprised to find my post from American Presidents titled, “Can An Obscure President Become a Lesson in Character?” near the bottom of the list of wonderful submissions.

So go take look. Learn something new and don’t fill up on too much cotton candy and Cracker Jacks.


M said...

Hey, how did you know it was me? :]

Seriously though, I imagine you are gaining some readership now and if you keep up the high quality posts you can expect other people to be nominating you for the History Carnival too.

EHT said...

Awwwwww shucks. Thanks.