Sunday, April 09, 2006

Seventh Heaven

I have lots of television viewing choices tonight and I will be in seventh heaven.

First of all in case you haven't heard the National Geographic Society will show their special tonight regarding a lost gospel that will put Judas Iscariot into a different light. Air time is 8 p.m.(eastern standard time). I'm looking forward to this, however, I'm a little mystified as to why media types are saying that this is going to rock the world of "Bible Thumpers" worldwide. Yes, I know that generally the world views Judas as the betrayer and an evil person but if one reads the books of Matthew and Mark where Judas is mentioned we need to remember that what is not told to us in the story is just as important as what is told to us. Doesn't Jesus actually tell Judas, "Go---do what you have to do"? God's plan needed to be carried out. Judas was chosen to turn over his master. I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this is addressed in the special.

Another television event will be occuring this week as well on the History Channel. "Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed the World" begins tonight at 9 (eastern standard time). I was curious to see what ten days the History Channel had chosen and plan to pass judgement but not until I've seen their take on things.

Tonight "Antietam" will air at 9 followed by "Massacre at Mystic" at 10 p.m. "Massacre at Mystic involves the war between New England settlers and Pequot Indians.

Tomorrow night "Einstein's Letter" will air at 9 followed by "Murder At the Fair" (McKinley's assassination) at 10. Tuesday night's episides will be "When America Was Rocked" and "Gold Rush" while Wednesday episodes will cover the Scope's Trial followed by the Homestead Strike. Ending the program block on Thursday night will be "Freedom Summer" and "Shay's Rebellion".

I plan on asking my media center specialist to record Monday through Thursday----there is usually a one-two year license for teachers to use recordings in the classroom.

Our testing begins this week with a holiday on Friday. Testing will continue into next week as well so it may be difficult to post. Adding to the mix is the fact that I'm fairly certain I have killed hubby's laptop. We are waiting on the Dell computer geeks in India to forward our original program disk (the one that we were told when the computer arrived that we would never need).

Go figure.


Jennie W said...

Did you watch the McKinley episode tonight? What did you think of Sarah Vowell? I was definitely NOT impressed - I thought she really killed what was otherwise a great program.

EHT said...

I saw her the other night on Letterman and about died....I wasn't impressed then and probably won't be when I finally get to see the McKinley episode. I've been taping them because of an extremely busy life this week.

NYC Educator said...

I bought a laptop from Dell a few months back. It didn't work. After spending hours on the phone with a tech from India, he announced:

"We will send a repairperson to your house on Wednesday."

I told him I was working both day and nigh on Wednesday.

"Very good, sir. The repairperson will call on Wednesday."

After several discussions with Dell, in which they told me I should stay home from work so they could repair their defective computer, I sent it back to them and bought a Toshiba at Circuit City for 600 bucks, considerably less than what Dell charged.

It works great, and if it didn't, I could have taken it back and replaced it.