Friday, August 03, 2007

Carnivals Abound For the Weekend

The Georgia Carnival is up over at Georgia On My Mind. It’s going well and keeps getting a little larger each time. Come on over and see what the folks in the Peach State are up to.

Ms. Whatsit states where there are teachers there is food….and she’s right. In fact she has begun the Teacher Potluck Carnival. If you want some great recipes click on through.

Check here for the latest links to the Education and History Carnivals.


The Tour Marm said...


I'm doing something a bit different this week.

I'm running a non-contest. I'm interested have people share stories about leaving home for the first time to attend college. Either one's own experience or a child's would be wonderful.

Would you be interested?

ms. whatsit said...

I appreciate the plug for the Teacher Potluck. I'm looking forward to reading your submission for the next one. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was away on a trip so I have some catching up reading to do. Thanks for posting the Great War pictures. You're invited to stop by and read my little post on Berlin (more coming up)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom :)
Check that video out, it's hilarious. It has nothing to do with your blog,ut you have to see it. I love you very much, and Dear Daughter hopes your leg is feeling better :]

Love you :]

-Rachel =D

EHT said...

Ah, Dear Daughter....I enjoyed the little puppet show, but I enjoyed it more when I saw it the second time when you were with me. I will miss you when you start school again.:)