Wednesday, January 16, 2008

13 Presidential Postings

I attempt to post over at American Presidents Blog at least once a week. I’m rarely successful with that goal, but I think it’s worthy to keep attempting to meet it. I do so love to write about our presidents.

American Presidents Blog is a great site to keep up with anything presidential from past history, current events, and resources for presidential information that can be found on the Internet. Luckily my co-bloggers over there, Michael and Jennie, do a much better job than I do at posting regularly. :)

Here are my first thirteen postings I completed for American Presidents Blog:

1. Chester A. Arthur: Can an Obscure President Become a Lesson in Character? When faced with my first posting I was at a loss when deciding which president I would write about first. I asked my brother-in-law and husband who they thought would be classified as the most obscure president of them all and they both came up with Chester A. Arthur. A post was born!

2. The Election of 1824: A Tale of Four Favorite Sons….John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, and one of Georgia’s favorite sons----William Crawford.

3. Millard Fillmore Was a Know-Nothing. Am I being discourteous? Am I resorting to name calling? Read the post and you can let me know.

4. The Election of 1912: Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson

5. Exploring Campaign Slogans….Some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t I'll bet.

6. Rutherford B. Hayes: Does the Man Make the Name or Does the Name Make the Man? It would seem that President Hayes dabbled in family research on the side.

7. So Who Was Our First President? Historians love to get technical with details and technically if we go back in time before the U.S. Constitution George Washington was NOT the first president to lead our country.

8. Can Anything Postive Be Said About Warren G. Harding? I found so many interesting tidbits about one of our worst presidents that it took me three separate postings to feel like I had covered the matter.

9. Andrew Jackson: A Young Man From the Waxhaws…..history types either love him or hate him….there is no middle ground with Jackson.

10. Presidential scandals aren't just for modern times. Choose a Scandal, Any Scandal looks at scandals durings the Eisenhower and Truman years.

11. The Election of 1800….Some historians refer to this election as a second revolution….Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton. From my post---The election of 1800 shows us that many of the med dedicated to the formation of this country were also very cutthroat in their efforts to maintain power for themselves and their friends. Political in-fighting and outragous behavior is not anything new.

12. Unanswered Questions Fuel the Love of Learning…a post where an intriguing fact causes me to do a little research involving Teddy Roosevelt and a ring with a lock of Lincoln’s hair

13. I am old enough to remember hearing Richard Nixon’s resignation speech live on televions. The Tale of the Tapes is my own personal recollection of that evening and the historical artifact I still have from that August 8, 1974 evening.


You can learn more about Thursday 13 and visit other 13s here.


Anonymous said...

Great post (s) as always.

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Interesting post! The election of 1912...just taught my son about this!

DrillerAA said...

I will probably be back to read a couple of those posts. I don't know why, but the Warren G. Harding one struck my fancy.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I remember the day Nixon resigned. By that time I don't think I or anyone I knew believed a word that administration said.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

I love the American Presidents Blog, it is a wonderful resource. My thanks to you and the other contributors.

Gaspare Armato said...

Lovely post.
My english is very poor, but i understood your very interesting post.

Rino, from Italy

p.s. It's very pleasure to link you.

Anonymous said...

I visit American Presidents daily. It seems to me you put up a new post just about every day. I love it...thanks!

Anonymous said...

We are very fortunate to have you posting at the APB.

Gina said...

I popped into your TT from another TTer...and it really hit home for me as a lover of History. I had always wanted to be a history teacher but my family of teachers told me that History teachers were a dime a dozen and I should teach Math or Science instead. But I didn't like Math & Science! So instead after 10 yrs or so in sales, I'm a stay at home mom. Anyway...I enjoyed your post and look forward to coming back again.

Gina in GA

EHT said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone and I hope you do come back to read and visit.

Michael, blogging opens up many doors, but you were one of the first ones to open a door for me, and I really do appreciate it. I probably would have never written about presidents as much as I have had it not been for the fact that you allowed and invited me to post at APB. Thank you!

Gaspare Armato said...

With pleasure i link this interesting post.