Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Adams Was Weird

"John Adams was weird," says Paul Giamatti who had the honor of playing Adams in the upcoming HBO Films miniseries to air in March. See what else Mr. Giamatti has to say about one of our very important Forefathers and second president in my most recent post at American Presidents Blog.

ALSO….one of my fellow bloggers at American Presidents Blog is a brand new mother….January 17th. Go see the baby at Jennie's site. Her last four posts are all about the baby as well they should be.

The painting with this post was done by John Singleton Copley in 1789.


Anonymous said...

Over at another site, http://www.Librarything.com, I'm helping to enter the libraries of different historic figures, so that anyone can view them and members, who enter their own books, can compare their libraries. We just finished Thomas Jefferson's. This leads me to John Adams' "wierdness". The poor guy who is heading the Adams project is having a difficult time organizing the data. Where Jefferson's library was categorized by subject matter, Pres. Adams' was categorized by size. So he is having to categorize them himself, since he can't assign all the tall ones to one person and part of the short ones to another. Just another fun eccentricity.


EHT said...

Keith, I'd say Adams was a very "outside the box" type person.

M-Dawg said...

Have you read John Adams by David McCullough? Highly recommend it. Definitely gives you a "unique" perspective of Adams.

Personally, I enjoyed reading the love letters from Abigail.

EHT said...

I have read parts of McCullough's book but not all of it. I need to get it on tape, but would only do so if David McCullough does the sound....I love his voice.

Yep, say what you want to about Adams being peculiar....he and Abigail had a great relationship.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I LOVE John Adams. I LOVE Sam Adams, too (we affectionately call him "Sammy"). I love him because he was weird-- the quintessential Yankee. Abrupt, opinionated, and perfunctory.

We saw the best movie ever on John Adams (and we've seen them all, I think). It was a PBS one, called "John and Abigail Adams" and was directed by Elizabeth Deane. The movie Makers did whitewash their Christian convictions to make the story more palatable to secular audiences (too bad) but it is great movie. Ever see it?

EHT said...

I don't believe I have seen that movie, Mrs. Mecomber. I'll have to look it up.