Friday, January 04, 2008

The Post Where I Send You Off in All Directions

I’ve taken enough time from my project today to get the 26th edition of the Georgia Carnival up and running for viewing pleasure. This edition marks the one year anniversary for one of the few state-focused carnivals in the blogosphere. You can find it over at Georgia on My Mind. You’ll find lots of views regarding the results of the Iowa caucus, a primary calendar, and a great post on making resolutions among many other great submissions. Do you know what a Brasstown Baldbuster is? Well, head on over to Georgia’s carnival and find out!

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s there was quite a discussion going on regarding my post about the painting of Washington's prayer at Valley Forge. One of the participants in the discussion, Hercules Mulligan, decided his most recent thoughts on the matter were too long to post as a comment so he was inspired to create his own posting. You can read it here. Let the discussion continue….

Those darn educators (I’m one of them) are at it again with a recipe swap. You can find them over at Meeyauw’s spot at the Teacher Pot Luck Carnival

Polski3 wants to know what’s on your bulletin boards.

Finally, Miss Profe is wondering about student motivation. The education guru who solves this problem will make millions, won’t they? I found Miss Profe’s take on the matter interesting and the example she used was Frederick Douglass. So what creates intrinsic motivation? Miss Profe wants to know is it your circumstances or are you already wired for it at birth? For some reason I couldn’t post a comment there but what I would have said involved Mr. Douglass. I’m not sure it was just his circumstances that prompted him to be so driven though he did have some horrific circumstances to overcome. The reason why I question the circumstance reason is there were plenty of others who came out of slavery who did not make their mark on the world in any particular way. I think when we finally hit on a perfect formula we will discover there is no perfect formula but a very mixed basis for intrinsic motivation that involves parenting, culture, environment, and even DNA. I think Miss Profe brings up a very valid question…..head on over and enter the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hi, History Teacher,

Thank you for linking to me. I appreciate it. I may not come up with anything so provocative for a while; school's back in session come Monday, Jan. 7th.:)

Anonymous said...

wow- busy in the blogosphere!

I like to see what other teachers have to say. That's why I check in here from time to time. There's a new group on ning for blogging teachers, if you're interested check it out...

EHT said...

You're welcome Miss Profe....good luck your first day back.

Thanks for the link Kontan. I'll have to check it out.

Jonathan Rowe said...

If interested here is my response on GW and Religion.


Jon Rowe