Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Been Hijacked!

Today may be Monday, but it has been a bit unusual…

Everyday when I log into the various email addresses I maintain I can usually count on at least two or three spam emails to brighten my otherwise drab little mundane life. They are pretty easy to identify, are usually repeats of emails received the day before, and with a mere click of the delete button the nasty little suckers disappear.

Today was a little different. I logged into one account and found not one, not two, not even five, but a whopping 75 messages. Gee, I thought, what did I do to make that many people get their knickers in a bunch?

Upon careful examination I soon thankfully discovered my angry reading public was nonexistent. What I had in my “in” box were 75 mail returns. It seems one of the Internet’s lovely spammers decided to use MY email address for some nefarious purpose.

Great! So far….no nasty return messages telling me what I can do with my filthy spam….only spam messages that did not reach their destination, but I have a feeling before long I’ll get a nasty note from someone.

While I could bemoan the lemons---75 of them and countin’--- that life has handed me I’ve decided to look for my old fashioned juicer and make some lemonade. If someone sends me a nasty drop dead note I’ll send them a nice reply explaining the situation and invite them to visit History Is Elementary. New readers, anyone?

Now, where’d I put that bag of sugar?

Btw….it seems this sort of thing happens quite often. Just Google “hijacked email” and you can get yourself quite an education.


Anonymous said...

Jiminny! It's hard to keep up. I'd heard of worms and trojan horses, but never of hijacking. Sounds like more of a nuisance than a threat, but still...

loonyhiker said...

That actually happened to me yesterday too and I couldn't figure out what happened. Glad it wasn't only me.

Anonymous said...

It's for this reason that I've been a little more careful about commenting on TT and WW and all the other meme's. I've noticed a direct correlation to the spam and some of the more ad driven sites.