Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend Reading Material

The Georgia Carnival is up over at Georgia on My Mind. Some of the posts that really stood out as I was putting it together last night were:

An interestng look at the prosperity gospel and capitalism. Is it a natural merger?

Of course we wouldn’t want you non-Southern types to loose those stereotypes you have concerning my Homeland so there’s some Liveass Possum Chasin' from Ashes and Glass.

The Shelbinator is a street reporter for MTV’s Choose of Loose. Read and view his experience during the MLK weekend political events in Edwards, Obama, the Secret Service and Me. I would hope teachers are using the election for several teachable moments, and blogs can provide great resources to show how citizen journalism can have an effect on Campaign ’08.

A GOP Georgiacast from Paw Paw Bill

And finally….. Should Georgia officially apologize for slavery?

If that’s not enough weekend reading for you tune in to the most recent education carnival found at Creating Lifelong Learners.

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