Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Direction for My Wordless Images

Every nine weeks I attempt to make some changes in the classroom. I shake it up by changing little things like the room arrangement or changing up regular activities such as spelling assignments. We might line up for lunch differently or begin the day with a different type of activity.

Who wants to get into a rut, right?

Understanding that some change is good I’m suspending my wordless image guessing game for an undetermined period. I have enjoyed posting images that make people think, images that have sent some readers off to research on their own, and images that I’ve shared with students in my classroom. However, interest has peaked, and it’s time to move on to a new procedure to participate in the Wordless Wednesday community.

Keeping in line with my history theme at History Is Elementary I will be presenting images each week based on the title America: A Great Nation. Images will be based on what students, friends, family, and readers tell me are the ingredients to America’s success…..not just my own interpretation. There will be no explantation post for the image. I will identify what the image is in the comments and invite you to provide your opinion regarding the image in comments as well.

Naturally everyone has a different idea as to what makes the United States a great nation mainly because the word “great” can be interpreted in so many ways. Some of the images I post may be very controversial. You might not think the images are great. They might be offensive to you, repulse you, enlighten you, or even entertain you.

My goal is to elicit some conversation and I’m hoping YOU will participate.

My first image in the America: A Great Nation series can be seen here.

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Anonymous said...

What a good idea! You are so creative. Your students must love your class. :)