Monday, September 11, 2006

Simple Remembrances

balloon release

We had a short ceremony and balloon release this morning to remember the victims of 9/11 at my school. I was so proud of our students…..there were no major problems. Every child behaved in a manner you would hope. A local radio station was there so some of my students were lucky enough to be interviewed.

One young man walked over to me following his fifteen minutes of fame and said, “Don’t worry, Elementaryhistoryteacher, I didn’t say nuthin’ I wasn’t ‘posed to.”

Like I was worried……

As the balloons were released we continued to watch them as they danced and swirled on their journey up through the air. Once the balloons were very high in the sky some of my students remarked how they looked like stars.

Apparently some of the kids in grade K had been discussing among themselves how the victims were in Heaven. Somebody asked what would happen to the balloons. One wee one correctly stated that the people in Heaven would have fun popping the balloons. We were sending them a gift……

I love the simplicity of children.

balloon release 1

In case you haven’t had enough images today this link here will take you to a slide show from USA Today.

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