Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend Musings and a Few Links for You

As I write this my dear son and hubby keep flipping back and forth between the Falcons game and other assorted fare on television. The Falcons have fallen far behind Tampa Bay and its just too painful for them watch, I guess. I really feel sorry for the team members having to do their jobs amidst the circus that Vick created not to mention a betrayal by the coach I will not mention here. There’s always next year, but at this moment it seems a long way off. Other sports news this week included the report concerning baseball and steroids that I honestly think will go nowhere. There are too many to investigate and even innocent players will be affected. If a hitter is juicing not only is his record padded but so is the pitcher who pitched to him. Oh, what a tangled web they have woven………

Here at home Dear Son is home from college and I hope I have laid in enough food supplies to get us through at least a day or two before I have to go back to the store. He’s been busy blowing the last of the Fall leaves away from our yard. Unfortunately, with basically no rain since May he also blew up quite a dust cloud.

Even though it looked treacherous and some people were in dire straights in the Midwest earlier this week I couldn't help but be a bit envious of the precipitation that had come their way.

Dear Daughter isn’t off from school until this Friday. She’s been busy a few nights this week helping out at the local Methodist chuch with their annual live nativity. Many people from local churches, including ours, helped out. It’s nice to see everyone pitch in and help this time of year.
Home renovations continue, light fixtures have been bought, and furniture ordered, but Christmas presents????????????????

Nary a one has been bought so if any family members are reading this there is no use in plundering because there’s nothing to find! I must shop in ernest next week!

This week’s reading links include a couple of 13 lists I really enjoyed. I don’t get to read many Thursday Thirteen contributions because of time constraints but I really did enjoy
Alasandra's 13 regarding turquoise (I still have some pieces dating back to the 70s) and Denise’s 13 Things About Sir Francis Drake.

The Mom's Blogging Carnival is up over at Australian Women Online. You might recognize a contribution there and find other great reads.

The Education Carnival from this past week can be found over at The Colossus of Rhodey and a new carnival I didn’t know about till recently featured my post regarding my lobies. If you missed it you can catch it over at Carnival for Product Reviews

and finally……check out History Nexus. Information at the site states it’s a new on-line history community site. Submit and recommend a history website to others. I’ve already submitted History Is Elementary and Georgia on My Mind…..go on over and enter a comment, but be nice! :)

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