Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meet Me at the Forum...Toga Optional

In Roman times citizens would meet at the forum as it was the political and economical center of Rome. Teachers from across the world also can meet at the forum to discuss education, politics, and anything else if they desire. There are many opportunities to meet colleagues at the forum if you know where to look.

Of course, we have the traditional hallway forums, in the classroom with the door closed forum, the teacher’s lounge forum (does anyone really go in there anymore?), and the “oh gosh, we’re having another meeting so we can say we’re having a meeting forum”.

Technology has graced us with a new frontier for forums. The blogging world is definitely a forum and, I find it very informational, challenging, and exhilarating all at the same time.

Instant messaging is also a forum for teachers to meet and discuss, however, I will have to admit that I have not explored that frontier quite yet. Instant messaging is definitely Daughter Dear’s and Sonny Boy's realm and they would probably get very upset if I invaded their space. Anyway…I enjoy the ‘do it at your own pace’ style that blogging gives me. Instant messaging would tie me to the screen too much. I read blogs as I have time….I post as I become inspired. It works for me.

Another forum for ‘doing it at your own pace’ is discussion forums. I find they are great for picking up strategies, ideas, information about new products, and just like blogs, there are communities that will make provide suggestions and give you support when you need it. Sometimes some blogs are awfully entertaining as some threads can get off topic or a little excited as everyone shares their thoughts and opinions.

Here are some links to a few forums. All you have to do is register using a screen name, enter a profile, and your ready to post a topic or respond to one.

A to Z Teacher Stuff has a wonderful teacher’s forum that many teachers use. Click the “discuss” tab to get to the forum pages.

Teacher Focus is another good one as well as Teachers Corner. If ESL is your “thing” then try out Dave's ESL Cafe.

Are you interested in brain-based learning? Learning Sources and Brain Research has a forum at Teach the Brain.

Teach-nology has a discussion forum and so does Teachers.net though it is not in a board type format.

Let me know if you have found a forum that you like to post on or simply read.

See you at the forum!

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Mike in Texas said...

I think faculty meetings would be much more interesting if everyone had to wear a toga!

Of course, I'm male and most of my co-workers are female so when I say interesting I mean for me.

EHT said...

Now, now....calm down my cheeky Texan.