Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Others Weigh In...Now It's Your Turn

In a recent editorial titled Congress's Real Crimes, Gloria Borger (U.S.News and World Report) states:

So here we are, at the start of summer, with Capitol Hill in a frenzy, talking up a storm as it readies to leave for a long break. Goodness knows, your members of Congress deserve their rest, given all they’ve accomplished: Social Security reform. Immigration reform. Lobbying reform. Healthcare reform.

Oops. Wrong list.

Ms. Borger and I, it seems, are like minded as you can see by visiting my recent posts Changing the Constitution and Being About the Business of the People.

I wonder what would happen if we had an election and absolutely no one showed up to vote? Would they get the message then?

In the same online issue, David Gergen also pens his views regarding Congress in a thoughtful essay about leadership here. Here are a few excerpts:

The grim truth is that the political leadership of the country, especially in Washington, is almost dysfunctional in grappling with the big issues bearing down on us. From energy to education, climate change to healthcare, budget deficits to trade deficits, progress is perilously slow. And time is definitely not on our side.

Reading further:

What this means for America is that if we wish to remain great, we must improve--dramatically--the way we compete. We all know this starts with K-12 education, and we have made progress, but it has been shamefully slow and uneven.

…and towards the end:

Ultimately, these are questions that test our national will. If America is not to slip from great to good, we need civic leadership across the country to light fires and rally energies

I guess after reading the opinion of others and contemplating my own thoughts my biggest concern right now with the direction our country is going in is we aren’t heading in any direction. We have made no major gains in any of our problem areas and more and more I believe Congress is our problem. I’m tired of the fighting…the partisan politics…shooting down great ideas because your party didn’t come up with it. It has to stop.

Serving as a legislator should not be a life-long career choice. Maybe we need some fresh blood….folks who don’t understand the saying, “this is the way we’ve always done it.”

I’d be interested in knowing what you think.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I am appalled by the lack of leadership on BOTH sides of the aisle.

There is a complete vacuum of will to attack the vital issues of the day. Instead we fritter away our hours talking about completely inconsequential matters, such as flag burning, instead of vital issues that affect us here at home in our everyday lives.

Too many people opt out of the political proess in this country because they are repulsed by this kind of grandstanding, because politicians do not address the topics that matter to most of us. A vicious cycle of incompetence and inaction is then perpetuated.

Social issues, such as education, health care, and the like are the things that affect us the most. These issues are wonderful political fodder for politicians, and therefore there is no incentive to actually act upon them, since once they are dealt with, they can no longer be trotted out to garner a shallow allegiance on the part of those who actually manage to go vote.

NYC Educator said...

I think you're absolutely right is what I think. And I agree with Ms. C. above as well.

I've been amazed that they had the gall to trot out flag-burning at this time, particularly as it's not exactly reaching epedemic proportions.

EHT said...

Thanks for commenting Ms. C. and NYC Educator. A appreciate you weighing in.