Monday, June 12, 2006

New Tools and Blog It Forward

I’m sure some of you are happy to learn my Warren G. Harding interlude is over. I’m on to other things.


I’ve added a subscription box for Feed Blitz. Regular bloggers are familiar with this, but if you are here by accident or one of my regular visitors you can now enter your email address in the box at the very top of this page and Feed Blitz will email you all of my updates once per day. I’ve tested it out and I receive my updates each morning compiled in one email. Your email address is secured and will not be sold to anyone. I think this is a wonderful service because many times over the years I have found something I really like but loose the address or my “favorites” gets wiped out, etc. Try it out and see how you like it.


Another thing I’ve done is to place a Bloglines button on the right underneath the section ABOUT ME. This is a great place to organize many different regular “reads” that you might want to review each day. It’s perfect for folks who blog and who read blogs.


Another thing that I want to do is to steal/borrow (teachers are notorious for that) something from Mamacita via Ms. Cornelius that I think is an excellent promotion tool. It’s called Blog It Forward. I tell you about interesting places I visit and you click through to visit yourself.

The first blog I want to Blog it Forward is Bibliodyssey. The images posted on this blog are sometimes interesting, sometimes disturbing, but always intriguing. This blog won the Best New Blog Cliopatria Award for 2005. Stop by and see why.

The second blog is Civil War Memory authored by Kevin Levin. He is a high school teacher and a master of prolific posting. I enjoy his entries every day.

Another blog I think you need to know about, especially if you teach in a regular education classroom, is Special Education: The Rise and Fall. The author of this blog, Special Edd, is a wonderful writer who really sucks me into the world of a special education teacher and some of the very special young men and women who attend his/her classes everyday. Take a field trip over there and I assure you if you have had a hard day with a special education students you will come away with a better understanding of this facet of education.

Finally, I want you to visit Dennis Fermoyle’s site Public Education Defender. Dennis is a 30 plus year veteran of teaching and is an honest to God published author. He also has some great posts defending something that everyone else tends to tear down along with some terrific comment exchanges with readers.

So that’s it for now. Click away….


Kevin said...

Thanks so much for the positive reference. It's always nice to know that the time spent on this thing is seen as worthwhile. I am looking forward to the next History Carnival. Good luck getting it all together.

EHT said...

Your quite welcom Kevin. Jennie W. is doing all the work on the upcoming history carnival. I might do it later on, but may host it here first. You actually jogged my memory that I needed to post a reminder here at History Is Elementary about the deadline.

Deb Sistrunk Nelson said...

Thanks for the great references here. Also, I appreciate your link to, located on your sidebar. Wonderful resources!

EHT said...

Your welcome dcs. Watch for more links later this week regarding teacher forums.