Friday, April 13, 2007

Things to Do....Places to Go

The countdown to the testing window is on. We begin Tueday. I've spent the week pulling all materials down from my walls as we have been directed that our rooms should look like empty boxes.......I've also been placing names on test booklets, answer documents, and bubbling, bubbling, bubbling names, test form numbers, etc.

I'm already a nervous wreck.

I have plenty of bloggy things do, however, and its much more fun than being chained to my desk.

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NYC Educator said...

Sorry to see that picture. I know how you feel, though. Some years I have to prepare my poor ESL students to take this English writing test mandated by the state that's really inappropriate for them. I've devised methods of making them pass, but they'd be much better off just learning the language better.

Meredith said...

We finished Illinois State tests a few weeks ago. I used to be terribly nervous too, and now I just realize that good teaching equals good test scores. Period. Your kids will excel, I know it.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

We start our Very Big Deal State Mandated Tests on Monday, the 16th. Fortunately the answer sheets are "pre-slugged", which means they're already bubbled in with most of the name/demographic information. I just find the word "pre-slugged" to be incredibly weird...I'm not nervous, but I'm a tad concerned about how the kids will do. I think they're suffering test fatigue as they had 3 benchmark tests per subject this year and by the last test were exhibiting high rates of "I don't care"...they don't see the point of it all, unfortunately. Then again, you can tell a seventh grader something a zillion times and they won't understand/care/hear/pay attention.

teachergirl said...

Someone just asked me if a parent can opt to not have his child take one of these tests. To tell you the truth, I didn't know what the official answer was. Do any of you? I pretty much thought the children were required, no questions asked. No one gets out of testing, no matter what, right?