Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mentos and Coke

And now for something completely different. These two “scientists” know how to spend a summer.

This craze was featured on Good Morning America this morning. The explains why this occurs and goes on to state that folks should refrain from eating Mentos and then drinking Diet Coke. Seems the combo upsets your stomach and you throw up.

Now if this doesn't prompt you to comment I don't know what will.:)

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NYC Educator said...

In all the years I spent bored out of my gourd in science class none of the white-jacketed pocket-protector band-aid horn-rimmed glasses Ben Stein monotone-voiced trance-inducing teachers tried anything remotely like that.

Good thing, too. It might have woken me up. Then I'd really have been in a bad mood.

Great video.

Amerloc said...

Google that experiment, or hit YouTube and look for a category that includes it. There's another couple that are just as fun. And one that kind of surprises.

I'd track down the link for you myself, but I'm exhausted.

Mike in Texas said...

That little experiment is on my to-do list.

EHT said...

Mike, I showed it to my son and he immediately said "I'm doing that tonight."

Amerloc, you're right. There are hundreds of videos out there showing this very thing. Some are very simple while some are as intricate as this. I thought this one was 'way cool' though.

NYC, even though I am a history teacher I teacher one class of language arts too. I'm going to to fit a Mentos and Coke experiment into a writing assignment in my LA class just so we can do it. Most of the 'childers' probably already know about it though.

Anonymous said...

Man, that's awesome! Like NYC Teacher, that type of teaching definietly would have kept me interested.

EHT said...

Hmmm....ok people, give us suggestions how we motivate kids about history the same way kids could get motivated about science from seeing a demonstration like this.....

Anonymous said...

How to motivate kids....I'd say link a history lesson to something happening today; bonus points if you can find a recent video for the kids to watch.

If the students see something they recognize, and you pair that video with something new to them, they'll make the connection.


EHT said...

I like that idea Reflective Teacher. I like that very much. Great idea! Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Here's another idea. Since the internet is awesome! why not have the kids create their own video lesson (on whatever topic) and have them put it up somewhere like YouTube?

Give the kids a sense of authority over the final product, and give them a venue to publish and share it.

They can research the topic, write and star in the video, learn how to edit for time, and post the whole thing online. Maybe that would be fun enough to get the kids interested in the topic.

Anonymous said...

good idea!

anyone tried to mentos experiment to see for themselves?