Friday, December 01, 2006

As Seen on My Computer Screen This Week...Items That Are Notable and Quotable (Version 2.0)

It already seems like my time off for Thanksgiving was days and days ago. My things to do list just keeps getting longer and longer and I feel like I’m constantly juggling a passel of cats and every one of them has their claws out.

At any rate while I have been foisting felines I’ve managed to run across some interesting things out and about and thought I’d share them.

I’m one of those third row Baptists….I don’t feel like I’m getting the message quite right if I’m not sitting in “my” seat. I hate change. I just don’t adjust well at all. That’s why I’m concerned about a new plan for new dollar coins. Not only will they feature Nixon ( I don’t really object to this…) and various other presidents they will be hiding “In God We Trust”. Yikes! Jet in Columbus over at Blogcritics offers this article New Dollar Coin Hides "In God We Trust" and Will Feature Nixon and Others. I Thought it would make a great topic for American Presidents, but Michael beat me to it with his take on the whole matter here. Jennie W., who also blogs at American Presidents, chimes in with a comment. What do you think? Do we need another coin?

Remember Wayne and Garth and their “NO WAY!”, “WAY!” banter? The Reflective Teacher previews a neat (can you tell I’m a child of the 70’s?) quiz type game students can partipate in online in a post titled Learning Can Be Fun and Exciting...Way or No Way. It takes “No Way!” and “Way” to a whole new level. Follow the link and have fun!

Dropping Knowledge looks extremely interesting. Information at the site states “Ask, answer, and discuss questions, download media, and use the searchable database to find social topics that matter most to you”. Some of the questions currently being discussed are “What is God’s religion?” and “Can the Internet and television be harnessed?” We all have opinions….maybe it’s time we go drop some of our knowledge at Dropping Knowledge!

If you are interested in using blogs in the classroom and anything else that has to do with technology check out EduBlog Insights

Topics From 192 Countries is a group blog. Every member of the group is from a different country. Unfortunately, they already have someone from the United States blogging for them, but your country may not be taken just yet. This blog has potential for lesson ideas, reading comprehension lessons, as well as geography. I’d peruse the site though before allowing students free reign.

Finally, in the immortal words of Rocky the Squirrel, “Here’s something I hope you’ll really like…..” I recently read a thought provoking post over at Open Up My Head and See What's On My Mind. Here’s a portion of what was written there:

“Too often in life we lay waiting, longingly gazing at our futures without ever really truly embracing them. We desperately cling to the hope of a journey---of an adventure. What we fail to realize as we do this is that the adventure has already begun; the adventure continues on with or without our consent.”

So true…so true! That wonderful wording really struck home to me.

I’m tired of my adventure continuing without me even realizing it.

I need to stop juggling those damn cats!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm surprised that Nixon, who resigned in disgrace, and who appeared bound for impeachment and certain removal, gets featured on a coin.

I guess by today's standards, that's nothing at all.

EHT said...

Yep, NYC. Apparently by today's standards it was nothing at all. I'm sure that once Clinton goes on to the great beyond and this coin program survives he will be featured as well.

Anonymous said...

I draw the line at GW, myself.

EHT said...

Luckily, given the current partisan climate in the country it will be quite sometime before Clinton and Bush are even considered for this program.

History has taught us that over time our collective national thoughts about particular presidents change. I'm sure both of these men will still be hotly debated in the future, but over time the positive aspects of their administrations will be seen.....

It's a cycle that has been repeated over and over.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the compliment :) You make my day. Well, my week, maybe - it's already Monday here :) Have a happy week in advance to you!

EHT said...

Your welcome Gabrielle. Actually I thought I had given you credit in this post for leading me to Topics From 192 Countries. Apparently I did not. Now I can correct that. Thank you for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link! Hope you all find ways to make blufr useful in a classroom.

EHT said...

Thanks for the tip....blufr is WAY COOL!