Friday, December 29, 2006

History Is Elementary Has Given Birth!

The New Year is a time of reflection, goal setting, and new beginnings. While I'm working on the reflecting and goal setting I have already had a new beginning of sorts.

History Is Elementary has given birth to a four post (so far) baby blog called Georgia On My Mind. So far in the TTLB ecosystem my baby blog is lower than an insignificant microbe.

I've felt the need for some time for a blog such as Georgia On My Mind simply because Georgia history is so interesting and our current events are worthy of making note of. Georgia is a vast state full of interesting characters, marvelous land formations, and lots of political action.

I've been ferreting out and reading several Georgia blogs of late and I have seen some really great ones. Currently I'm trying to gather up as many Georgia blogs as I can and link to them so they are all listed on one webpage. I also am forging ahead with a blog carnival for Georgia bloggers. Even though many folks are off line this week I've still planned the first blog carnival to be up on Friday, January 5th. Both of my children ate solid food, walked and talked early, so I see no need in waiting with my baby blog. We'll have a carnival even if the only post is mine.:)

It's hard work birthing a new blog so forgive links that don't work and spotty posting over the next few days. If you know a Georgia blogger please contact them and send them my way. Georgia On My Mind is listed on my blogger profile now so you can use that link or you can click here.

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

Try Red Georgia Clay at

He's on my blog roll and has a really neat take on farming in Georgia, old trucks and tractors, history and life in general.