Sunday, November 25, 2007

I’m In Love With My Lobie™

First of all let me begin this post by stating I rarely review a product on this site, but I have found something that has really helped me and I wanted to pass the word along. I am receiving no compensation for this review.

I love to listen to podcasts and videos when I’m online and last Christmas I finally joined the Ipod revolution with my own Ipod clip. There was one problem….all of these items come with ear buds that I absolutely hate. They don’t stay in my ears and after 15 minutes or so my ears are very sore.

A friend of mine passed the strange looking items you see in the picture, more commonly called Lobie™ to me, and after following the accompanying directions my ear buds were encased in the soft plastic forms and were ready to use. They can be used with any ear bud and can be sized to fit.

My ear bud problem has been solved! I get the same great sound with no pain or discomfort. You do loose some audio isolation with Lobie™ and you do loose some bass while listening to music, however, there are times when you are listening to an audio book or podcast when you need to hear what is going on around you. For example, when running on a busy street or sitting in a classroom where you might need to hear directions Lobie™ could be a perfect tool.

Many of the larger type headphones used in classrooms are being replaced by ear buds because the ear buds take up less room, and they attract less dust.

The Lobie™ product would be perfect to help students who complain with sore ears or for the student who is wary concerning inserting the ear buds into their ears. They are also totally washable and much easier to wipe down after each use than the larger bulky headphones commonly used in classrooms.

If you think you could benefit from the Lobie product visit their website here for more information.

You can even order directly from the site.

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Anonymous said...

As someone with small ear openings, I thank you for passing this info along.

ms. whatsit said...

I'll have to try them. Most earbuds hurt my little ears too.

Anonymous said...

As an iPod enthusiast, I struggle with keeping the earbuds securely in place without feeling like I have to really push them into the ear canals. I can't wait to try these out. Thanks for sharing!