Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekend Reading Assignment...The Fall Back/Hey, I Need a Butterfinger Edition

I’m still in the throes of candy withdrawal after the Halloween celebration my family and I particiapted in Wednesday night. I believe this is the first time in many, many years we didn’t have a cache of candy in the house to munch on for days and days. I guess that’s one of the pitfalls with having grown and near grown children….plus the extra ingredient of giving out candy at church and not at home. There was no candy leftover to take home. For the last two or three nights, however, my husband and I have wanted Halloween candy to munch on. but there’s nary a Snicker or Butterfinger to be had in the house.

I’m a little late posting my weekend assignment….our sojourn of free time is almost over, but here it is anyway.

The education carnival has lots of interesting post to peruse through. It can be found over at What It's Like on the Inside and the homeschooling carnival is being hosted by Sprittibee.

We managed to get our clocks set accordingly acround here, but I really wonder if we haven’t outgrown the whole process of springing forward and falling back. The Education Wonks has a great post about some of the effects of setting our clocks back

Earlier this week I wrote about President Hoover and our tendency in early grades to gloss over his contributions to society prior to becoming president. Over at American Presidents I posted A Hop, Skip, and Jump...Right Over Hoover that includes a teaching strategy called “mystery” in some circles and in others I have heard it referred to as “inquiry”.

I recently took over the posting at the blog called Got Bible?..........In my first posting I discussed the connection between buzzards and church committees. I was inspired by an invasion of buzzards that flew directly over my church last week.

And finally, I drew a connection between great teaching and Coach Richt’s directions at the Georgia-Florida game last Saturday. It was a great strategy in more ways than one.

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