Thursday, November 01, 2007

You Know You're In Georgia When...

These truisms were lifted from a great book by William Schemmel called You Know You're In Georgia When...

You know you are in Georgia when…

1.You visit tumbling waters.

2. Introductions begin with “What would you like to drink?” The proper answer is sweet iced tea. It’s the wine of the South.

3. You find yourself located in the carpet capital of the world.

4. Grits is groceries. We eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Hushpuppies are for eating not for wearing.

6. You find yourself at America’s oldest state park in the nation…. Indian Springs State Park

7. You attend Octoberfest in an alpine village.

8. You see Stonehenge.

9. You savor Swamp Gravy.

10. UGA is a DAMN GOOD DOG (and don’t forget that Ramblin' Wreck)

11. There’s a Waffle House on every corner.

12. You need a phrase book to understand the natives. Examples: “That dog don’t hunt”; “All vine and no taters”; “That’s so good you’ll slap your granny”; “Shootin’ the Hootch”; and my personal favorite “I’m fixin’ to”. Not sure what these mean? Check out the Urban Dictionary or ask me in comments.

13. You hear funeral announcements or the county hospital report on the radio. You have to go pretty far outside of Atlanta to hear this now, but it still exists. How else would you know who to go “a visitin’” after church on Sunday?

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Anonymous said...

I love Georgia and iced tea AND hush puppies (I'm from FLARDAH). And--though I never thought about it---it's so TRUE about the Waffle Houses.

EHT said...

Thanks Damozel. Every now and then I just have to have my Waffle House "fix"!

Anonymous said...

I love eating at Waffle Houses!

Anonymous said...

I just wandered over from Wordless Wednesday and have fallen in love with your blog! I sort of have to, as a former history major from Georgia. This list was so fantastic - it made me feel like I was right back home with the folks. :)

I think I'll be back often - what wonderful, historical brain food you share here!

EHT said...

Hi, "This Girl". I'm glad you wandered in. I really needed a compliment today. You lifted me up.

julie said...

Ah Helen, where even the Waffle House looks like it came out of an Alpine village.