Saturday, March 01, 2008

Great Carnivals, the Toilet Paper Blues, and an Uncharacteristic Rant

The Georgia Blog Carnival is up over at Georgia on My Mind. It’s the perfect combination of great reads!

The Education Carnival was posted this past Wednesday over at the Sam Jackson College Experience and contains lots of education topics.

The History Carnival can be found over at Spinning Clio. Marc advises he had several off topic submissions. I’ve noticed the same going on with Education Carnival and the Georgia Carnival as well over the last several months, and the practice seems to be increasing. Did some spammy blog guru post some sort of insane post advising high-roller wannabes to submit to every blog carnival that comes down the pike to increase their hit counts and links? Basically the practice does nothing but slow down the carnival host as they attempt to put the carnival together, frustrate the readers who visit a carnival for one particular overarching topic or focus, and it really does nothing to increase the blogger’s reputation who adheres to submitting to this carnival and that carnival willy- nilly. These folks get a great big BOO from me…..not that it matters to them.

Me? I’m an innkeeper this weekend. Go read the intro to the Georgia Carnival and discover why. One thing is for’s very difficult to keep 8 female guests supplied with enough towels and toilet paper to get them through their day and evening. Last night at bedtime (2 a.m.) two of our toilets flushed continuously for 30 minutes…I kid you not! Also, don’t believe that hogwash regarding how teen boys eat more than girls. This evening they plowed through an entire stock pot full of chili and since last evening I’ve already thrown away six empty 2-liter drink bottles not to mention a gallon-sized milk jug that was full this time last night. Don’t get me wrong….for all my fussing I’ve enjoyed being their host. The whole situation has proven to me though that I don't have what it takes to be a hotel mogul.

Have a great rest of the weekend. I have to go on a reconnaissance mission regarding toilet paper and fold more towels.

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