Monday, March 19, 2007

Are You Lost?

I’ve started out this week a little lost.

I’m tired, Dear Daughter isn’t feeling well, and I’m lost in “preparation for the state mandated test” that will be upon us shortly. I hate this time of year. You are simply made to feel like you are a terrible teacher if you don’t haul out “those” little booklets that the salespeople hawk at education conferences that administrator’s attend with the promise of higher test scores.

It just may be me thinking this but somebody somewhere sure is making a hell of a lot money on No Child Left Behind…..the kiddies and I are so glad we can help.

I’m also lost in a sea of things I want to share here and there, but the things I want to share far outweight my time to sit and post.

One thing I have wanted to share with you is an addition to the blogroll for those history types…..Southern Pasts is a wonderful site that I have enjoyed stopping by during my short and frenzied drive-by blogging of late. Comb your hair and get all “purty” and go
a-visitin’. It’s worth the time….just wish he was from Georgia.

One of the things I picked up while I visited Southern Pasts the other day is a reference to Lost Magazine and their website. I heard about this interesting idea for a magazine way back when on public radio. The editor was being interviewed and it sounded like a really interesting concept for a magazine.

Don’t you just hate it when you find something interesting and forget to write it down or your busy doing something else and then you completely forget about until something else jogs your memory? I lost my original thought about Lost and Southern Pasts helped me find it. I was so happy to have “found” Lost Magazine again.

So while I’m going to try to find my way out of this tired “test ready” fog I’m in go check out Lost Magazine.


Celeste said...

3 more weeks for the tests isn't it. My grand is in 3rd so she is looking forward to the tests( she really is!)

EHT said...

These are high stakes for our 3rd graders since they can be retained. I hope your grand does a wonderful job!